AccuConference Access Number Information

Toll free USA and Canada (1-800, 1-888,1-877,1-866)
0800 free - UK (and 0808)

USA/Canada Toll-Free (1.800, 1.888,1.877, & 1.866)
In the USA and Canada, the AccuConference access numbers can be dialed without any charge to the caller.

UK Toll-Free (0808 & 0800)
Toll Free numbers in the UK start with 0800 or 0808. As they are 'toll free' you (the caller) do not pay for the access call from a standard line. Generally with a toll free number the international call charge is charged to the AccuConference account holder. There are some exceptions,

Pay Phones
Pay phone owners make no immediate money from callers dialing a toll-free number.  Surcharges are applied in these instances.  When we have the surcharge details, we publish the cost.  In other countries, this charge may not be known at the time of the call.  In some countries you may need to deposit a coin in the pay phone, which in some cases is returned to you at the end of the call. 

Cell phones/Mobile Phones
In the US, the cell phone owner pays for all minutes on all calls incoming and outgoing.  In Europe, cell phone owners do not pay for the incoming calls, the originating caller does.  This is the reason why out-dialing internationally can be a higher rate (listed as “premium”).

Hotel Phones
Most hotels do not charge you to dial a toll-free number.  However, check with the hotel to find out as some charge 99¢ per call.


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