Name That Character

Since Amber will be creating something amazing on the white board each week, I thought it would be fun to play a little game.  Every week, I'll post a picture hint for this week. The first person to send a reply to @accuconference telling me what the drawing is will win 500 free conferencing minutes with us.  The contest will begin right now and the winner will be the first @ reply I get in my inbox.  Good luck everyone!


Ready?  Go!


  Update:  @klmonline is our bg winner this week. If you didn't win, no problem, we'll play again next week. I'm going to have to make it harder on you though. Here's the full picture below featuring Beaker and Elmo from Sesame Street. Happy Friday everyone!


Beaker and Elmo are the property of  Sesame Street and PBS.
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AccuConference | Abandoned Shipping Containers – Another way to go Green

Abandoned Shipping Containers – Another way to go Green

We have been following the recent stories of ways people are finding to go green. One of the most interesting is the way some builders and companies are using abandoned shipping containers to assemble structures ranging from homes to skyscrapers.

You've probably seen shipping containers before. They’re big boxes that look like the trailers the big rigs pull across our interstates, but they don't have any wheels. They come in varying colors and have different logos on them. They’re used by manufacturers to ship their good from overseas to the United States or anywhere else in the world. They’re stacked onboard huge ships then, once they arrive in port, they’re emptied and left abandoned.

Some ingenious minds have looked at these shipping containers and seen their real potential. It seems they can be used to construct single family homes that are strong, cost-effective, durable, and weather resistant. I thought this would look much like a mobile home until I saw one being built. Done by a knowledgeable builder, they look like normal fixed-based houses. It's remarkable what can be done. It’s recycling at its finest and it doesn’t stop there.

A European company FREITAG sells bags made from recycled tarps (a whole other issue), found that they could construct their office building using abandoned shipping containers. They’re unique way of producing their bags suggested that leaving the containers exposed and unchanged would make a one-of-a-kind office building. All of the containers are their original colors and show their company logos, but stacking and permanently joining them created a structurally sound and visually stimulating office building. They’re also very inexpensive.


What a great way to take unwanted objects and turning them into something beautiful and functional! It just takes someone with vision to see their true potential and bringing it to life.

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