Tips on how best to run your business from home

Work is work. Home is home. Running your business from home may be convenient, but you still have to keep home and work separate. Here are some tips to make this a bit easier.

  1. Find your own space. You need to have a place where the only activity permitted is work. A den, a spare room, your corner of the basement, or any place that gives you some measure of privacy, so you can do your work uninterrupted. A room with a door is best, especially when you have customer contact and conference calls.
  2. Have a business only phone line and separate office equipment. Your business shouldn't have to compete with the other activities in your household. Establish clear boundaries so that others know your priorities in these areas.
  3. Establish specific "office hours". Family and friends need to know that you may be at home, but you're still at work. Personal calls take a back seat and may be returned at a more appropriate time. You're not at home for their convenience.  This means you're not available for chores and helping with errands and other distractions.
  4. When the office is closed, leave it closed. Make an effort not to drift in and out of work once your business day has ended. The convenience of working from home means having your work available 24 hours.  Home and work both suffer when you ebb and flow between them.
  5. Don't overlook the "green" benefits of working from home. With no commutes, your stress level goes down. You're saving hundreds of hours of drive time, thousands of gallons of gas, and keeping tons of carbon from entering our atmosphere. Don't blow your good works by jetting off to meet a client. Consider a virtual meeting. The technology exists that allows you to meet with clients and coworkers without ever seeing an airport.

Running your business from home has its challenges. When considering the benefits to you, your family and the environment, the impact would seem to do us all a world of good.

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AccuConference | Free National Broadband Dropped by FCC

Free National Broadband Dropped by FCC

The Federal Communications Commission has decided to abandon the project that would have provided free national broadband services.

According to recent reports from the likes of Gizmodo, the FCC decided that the project, 10 years in the making, would be too costly to implement. The project would have taken an additional ten years to implement and would have required a heavy investment from M2Z Networks. This money would have been paid back through advertisements.

Ruth Milkman, the FCC Wireless Bureau chief told Ars Technia, “We gave careful and thorough consideration to the proposal, but ultimately determined that this was not the best policy outcome.”

She adds that they “remain vigilant in our efforts to facilitate the universal deployment and adoption of broadband, especially through the much needed reform to the Universal Service Fund.”

The proposal M2Z was presenting offered free broadband services of 768Kbps, one of the slowest speeds available to be considered broadband. M2Z urges understanding that their proposal wasn’t about providing top of the line services, simply allowing for those who have not had the opportunity for broadband speeds to keep up with the digital age.

With more media publications and television coming online, broadband services could be a requirement in the future to keep up with the breaking news across the world. 

There’s no word yet on what the FCC will be presenting in the failed proposals place, but I would imagine that it has something to do with their current discussion of the USF. 

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