Laura Interns at AccuConference {Week 3}

By: Laura

I'm officially in the swing of things at AccuConference. Each day I come to work, I know my duties and report to Maranda to see what is on my agenda. The awkward "new person" feeling has faded. I have learned a few more things about myself and work as well.

One of the assignments I was asked to do was to edit blogs from the past year. Usually, when I have projects for school or work, I like to work on it till it's done, even if it takes hours. I get distracted if I'm working on multiple projects simultaneously and feel like I'm not accomplishing anything, even though I am. When Maranda and Byrd found out I had been working on editing these blogs all day, they looked at me like I was crazy. I didn't see what was so crazy about it, because I had gotten a lot done.

Now I realize that it's best to break up your projects into sessions, and not to work on one thing for 6 straight hours. Not only can the monotony make you go cross-eyed, but the work you do is less efficient. I have no idea why I have always done things this way, but this is a lesson I need to carry over to my schoolwork. If I would have been breaking up assignments and readings instead of working only on what is due the next day, I would probably be better prepared for my test I have to take this evening and gotten more sleep last night.

I attended my first weekly meeting. They usually have their meetings on Thursdays while I'm in class, so they moved it to Wednesday so I could join. (Aren’t they sweet?) Although it was short, it caught me up on what's going on and what needs to be done.

My next big assignment is to write an article for the newsletter, including interviewing the client. I didn't know this would be the type of work I would be doing during my internship, but I'm glad they are trusting me with more and more responsibilities. This must mean I’m doing something right!

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AccuConference | How to have fun at work

How to have fun at work

Here are some events that have occurred in our office that may spawn some fun ideas.

The Annoy-atron – Do a quick google search for annoy-atron and you'll discover a device that's not much bigger than a quarter.  This device is sure to be a crowed pleaser… except for the unsuspecting target(s) of course. It is designed to emit high-pitch beeps at random intervals ranging from 2 to 8 minutes, making it hard “time” and locate the device. And best of all, it is magnetic so it can be attached in a very inconspicuous location! We planted the device in an office down the hall and it wasn't discovered until the next day. Judging by the groans and desk pounding, we think it was effective.

Shock Tanks – The other day someone brought in a pair of remote controlled army tanks. Mounted on the top of each tank was an infrared sensor.  If the opposing tank successfully shot the infrared zone, it would send a volt of electricity to the controller. (Quick Tip – be sure and wear the wrist strap!)

Fish Tanks – We have a reef tank enthusiast who maintains two beautiful 150 gallon tanks. It’s fun when we buy new fish and add them to our collection. But watching the fish is the most enjoyable part, and it’s a great way to relax during a busy workday. For those of you who are interested, we will be posting streaming video of the fish. We’ll keep you posted.

TV Spoofing – We have a favorite TV show on NBC called The Office. After the weekly episode we usually re-enact a gag from the show. Most recently we printed “Schrudt Bucks” and handed them out as rewards for a job-well-done.

Next on the list: Turn our board room into an Xbox 360 media center.

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