Easing Change

Change happens.  Sometimes it happens for a bad idea, and other times a new leader just wants to make their mark.  Sometimes necessary change for the better happens, but even then, if done improperly, the effects can be bad anyway.  Extensive planning and research help to ensure good and effective change.  Conference calls can do some good too.

A large cause of failure during times of change is self-fulfilling doom prophecies brought on by worry.  And worry happens when there is a lack of communication, or distrust.  Good communication then, can be our best ally in pulling off a change.

Of course, it's difficult to keep everyone in the loop by normal means, but what about using a conference call recording?  When top management meets to discuss the change, do it on a conference call.  Afterwards, we allow our employees to do dial-in playback to listen to the discussion.  We can also download the recording--edit it for any sensitive information—then email it, or put it in the company network.

That lets the employees know what's going on, but sometimes they need to hear it directly from us.  Instead of cramming everyone into a room, we can send out an email announcing a video conference.  It's probably not feasible for everyone to show their face, but everyone can see us on their computer—wherever they are in the world—and listen to us in the conference call as well.

More information is better than less in these types of situations.  So we can augment our video conference with a web conference.  We present a PowerPoint presentation that details where we are at now, where we want to be, and how we're going to get there.  This can go a long way in getting everyone up to speed.  A web conference also allows us to show pictures, videos, websites, graphs, spreadsheets… pretty much anything we need to allay fear and worry.

How does your company handle change, both good and bad?  Have you ever used teleconferences for smoother transitions?  Leave a comment and tell us about it.

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AccuConference | Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

It’s that time again – spring. I love the spring time, everything is blooming and fresh. Grass is starting to grow and plush yards again.  It’s also spring cleaning time. I love cleaning; I’m a freak for organization and the fresh smell of pine cleaner. One thing I do every spring is clean out my closet and put together a big box of clothes to donate. It makes me feel good and it frees up some hangers for new clothes. (Don’t tell my husband that part)

You should be spring cleaning too. A lot of things can change over the course of a year both at home and in your business.  While we all see the spring as a time to roll out the steam cleaner at home, what can you do to clean up a little in your conferencing account?

Reset your conference codes.  Change your moderator and participant codes on the account, especially if you always use the same ones. Conference codes often get moved from one person to another and might be somewhere you don’t want them to be. Give your conference provider a call and have them reset your moderator and participant co des. It’s like freeing up a hanger in your closet.

Check the users. Have conference lines for every employee? Are there any you want to remove from your list of available conferences? Maybe some lines associated to projects or branches that you don’t need anymore? Call or email your conference provider with the list and let them remove them from your active conference lists. Spring cleaning is pretty easy and it’s not just a matter of needing to make things look all neat and organized. It’s also a matter of finding things a little easier and spring is a great time to do it.

How will you be spring cleaning?


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