Solving Invalid Code Messages

Invalid code messages are one of the biggest topics we get calls about. Getting an invalid code message happens to all of us and no matter what the reason; the most important thing is being able to get you into your conference. If you are getting an invalid code message, please call us right away and we can look to see why and advise you on what to do there.

Of course, the solution to all of your invalid code messages is to set up QuicklinQ conference lines. With a QuicklinQ conference no code is needed to enter the conference. Just dial a phone number and you’re placed into the conference.

Call us to find out more – 800.977.4607.

Back to our regularly scheduled blog post…..

Here are the three biggest culprits to invalid code messages.

Closed Accounts

When you call us, we’ll check to see if your account is closed for any reason and then let you know what we need to reactivate or who we need to talk to. This is an easy one to fix and once we get an administrators approval the account can be reopened in a matter of seconds.

Technical Issues

Anything that interrupts the transmission of data can cause us to not get the right conference code. These things range from using VOIP phones or even background noise.

Wrong Code / Wrong Phone Number

Sometimes it’s just a matter of using or entering the wrong code.

If you’re getting an invalid code message give us a call right away. We can even call you and join you to the conference if we need to.

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AccuConference | The Strength of Voice

The Strength of Voice

Conference Call Voice

Conference calls are hosted for a variety of reasons, depending on how they can best be used by your company. Many companies began using conference calls to bring clients together, but have since branched out and are using conference calls to replace the old system of updating employees via email memos.  Using conference calls are a great way to update employees on new policies or changes and give them a platform for asking questions.

There is an overwhelming amount of information on the web about how to present on a "large" conference. But if you're the manager of the sales department just trying to keep your people up to date on corporate policies, you'll be hard pressed to find a useful "how-to" about that. Plus, most of the time, your standard department conference call isn't going to have all the fancy bells and whistles like PowerPoint presentations or video. You just need to get the info out there, make sure that everything is clear, and then get back to work.

Any information you need to relay needs to be done with your voice – no visual cues to back you up. No more pretty pictures or graphs explaining everything. It's just you and the telephone. How do you use your voice to stand out and keep the attention? Here are a couple of things that can help get you through your standard conference calls, and they could be two of the most important things I ever tell you.

Save the handouts. The most important thing on this conference is going to be keeping your listener's attention. You need your people engaged and invested in what you're saying. Send out handouts or email copies after the conference is over.  Since natural curiosity will prevail over the need to multitask, most people will focus on the handouts instead of giving you their full attention.

It's all in the voice. Remember college? Remember that professor you had who wasted your time by giving you a handout and then reading word for word from the page for an hour thinking that was going to help you retain the information (never mind the fact he would pop quiz you the next day.) Here it is, clear and simple:  Don't be that guy. Don't script your conference but have some bullet points of things you need to cover, and never read word for word from a page .There are two very simple things you can do on your next conference to keep interest where it needs to be.

What are some of your tips to keep interest on a standard audio call?

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