In-N-Out Fort Worth – A Countdown to Opening Day {Updated}

Update August 12, 2011 - Well, the In-N-Out is officially open here in Fort Worth, Texas.  Not surprisingly David, Rob, and Jim were some of the first people in line. Barry Shlachter with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram caught up with them as they were buying t-shirts.  Check out Barry's article to see how we, and the rest of the city, reacted to the long awaited opening.  

Update August 4, 2011 - The In-N-Out burger is making progress on West 7th. It should be opening soon and while there is no official Grand Opening available on the website just yet, the building is mostly in tact and should start to get seats and cooking equipment soon.



Every so often I come along a place that I love. Usually these are restaurants. One great example is Maggiano's. I've eaten at the one in Vegas and it was great. Since I live in Fort Worth, TX, there are rare times when I actually get to eat there. There is one in Dallas, but that is a pretty far drive.

My apologies to our CIO, since our office is 100% Microsoft, but another place I love is the Apple store. Fort Worth finally got their own Apple store and it's been great having it so close (again, the closest Apple store used to be Dallas). If you have never been in an Apple store, do so. It's an experience.

Finally, another food love is coming to Texas.

When I was in Vegas for work, I got to eat at In-N-Out Burgers. I don't know what it is or why I love it so much, but it's awesome. Double-double with cheese and a chocolate shake. Heaven. And the fries are out of this world. After eating there the first time I immediately wished that they would expand farther east (In-N-Out started in California). Of course this was a pipe dream and I resigned myself with the fact that it would never happen. I would only get to dine in hamburger heaven when traveling out west.

Then the unexpected happened. In-N-Out announced they were coming to Texas. And not just Texas, but my hometown of Fort Worth!

So, in celebration (and eager expectation) I am going to document the progress of the building of this fine establishment.

The location is on West 7th. There are several places worthy of eating on W 7th, so once a week, I head over to that part of town to dine (but really just to check out building progress!).

This past week saw the builders finally started putting up framework! Previously it was foundation and plumbing. Here are the pictures we have been taking in order. Enjoy and stay tuned for more updates!


Bonus: In-N-Out has a very simple menu. But, if you are one of the few that know the ins and outs (pun intended), then you know about their secret menu. If you don't, I've included it below.

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AccuConference | Three Things Twitter Taught Me about Customer Service

Three Things Twitter Taught Me about Customer Service

When I first started to manage the Twitter account here, I tried to take it from the perspective of “all business”. I didn’t make jokes, laugh, or say snarky things. I wanted to be this little pillar of customer service and professionalism that would woo and wow the masses, and bring the flocks to me. I was wrong – but that’s okay. I guess I didn’t exactly get it at first. There’s a big difference between the old fashioned ways of customer service and what Twitter (or any social platform) can do for a company.

  1. It opens a dialogue with the customer, giving the customer an opportunity to make suggestions for ways that we can improve the product we’re offering.
  2. Monitoring social platforms gives you the ability to solve a problem quickly. I logged into Twitter once and had a customer who was unable to connect to his conference. I had him email me his account information and come to find out; there was an error in the code he was using. We caught his concerns before he had to call us and everything was fixed quickly.
  3. It makes us real people. When our customers can relate to us, when they know our likes and dislikes, it makes us easier to relate to. I’m more than just “that girl at AccuConference”. I’m Maranda. That makes a huge difference in customer relationships.

I’m sure there’s more and there will always be more to learn. Using social media with customer service is one of those things that will be forever evolving. It’s completely different today than it was six months ago and then it will be six months from now. What have you learned about customer service from social media?

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