What Will You Do With Your Current Travel Savings?

Conference Calling typically saves a business 30% of their current travel expenses when used. What will you do with your savings?

  1. Will you let the savings flow to your bottom-line making shareholders sing your praises as a farsighted manager?
  2. Will you invest the money in laptops allowing your staff to telecommute from home two days a week keeping your workforce happy while being a good steward of the environment?
  3. Will you increase the bonuses to your sales staff, motivating them to even higher levels of performance?
  4. Will you buy yourself that red sports car you've been dreaming of?
  5. Will you reinvest the money in new technology for your office, enabling your entire staff to have webcams on their PCs for spontaneous video calls with clients?

The possibilities are endless! If you had been conference calling since January 2007, and normally would have spent, say, a meager $15,000 on travel expenses, you are estimated to have saved $4,500. Is this a sum too small to notice on your budget? If you're a mid-sized corporation, your travel expenses may be well over $50,000. A 30% savings here -- because you used conference calling -- translates into about $15,000! What could you possibly do with $15,000?

If you didn't teleconference in 2007, now's the time to plan ahead for 2008. You can start thinking about what you can buy yourself, your employees, or your company with the money you save on travel expenses in this upcoming year.

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AccuConference | Waistline vs Bottom-line

Waistline vs Bottom-line

As a business owner or manager, you’ve got to take care of your most important assets – the employees! The healthier your employees are, the better they will perform.

Here are the benefits of having fit and healthy employees:

  1. Minimal sick days - Which means they’ll spend more time at the office getting things done. This will also lower your health care expenditures.
  2. More Energy - Which will help them stay focused and accomplish more. They’ll feel better about themselves and the work they’ve done.
  3. Confidence – People who stay fit tend to feel good about themselves, because they’re accomplishing their goals and living a balanced lifestyle. This feeling carries over into their work because people want to gain control and confidence in all aspects of their life.
  4. Motivated Workplace – Confidence is contagious. People who succeed with their work and health goals tend to inspire those around them to do the same.
  5. Success – People who can accomplish rigorous fitness goals are likely to establish and meet their goals in the workplace.
  6. Good attitude – People who are healthy tend to “feel good” both mentally and physically. They’ll bring this positive attitude to the workplace.
  7. Reduced Stress – Regular exercise can reduce physical tension and emotional stress.

So if you’ve got the time/resources, go to your local gym and negotiate a discount rate for your employees. You don’t have to buy them a monthly membership, just do some research and find competitive offers. And if you already offer snacks at the office, make sure you provide healthy alternatives to the ever-popular soda and chips.

Keep your employees fit, and improve the bottom line.

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