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Regardless of what's happening with new technologies in the conference call sector, because of its reliability and the almost universal installation of telephones in most parts of the developed world, the industry workhorse remains “vanilla” conference calls, where different people on different phones in different rooms hold a group discussion.

If you're running a conference call, remember that the Achilles Heel of these types of meetings is that the people involved don't have the usual visual clues they depend on in face-to-face meetings that allow them to: know when it's their turn to speak, adequately gauge the interest or understanding of others in the conversation, keep focused, and recognize and minimize distractions. 

To make the most of your conference call, whether it is talking to team members, interviewing potential new hires, or hashing out strategic company objectives, keep some of the following in conference call tips in mind.

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Like just about anything else in business, planning and organization is the key to success. In a conference call, it is even more important. Without those all important visual clues, many people are somewhat uncomfortable in a group conversational setting. Below are some additional tips to make your teleconference as effective as possible.

Lessons from a bored Room

Lessons From a Bored Room

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