International Conference Calling

An international conference call is a great way to help you connect worldwide. With AccuConference you have three options for making international conference calls.

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International Toll-Free Rates

Country Rate per minute/per line
Argentina 41.9¢
Australia 12.9¢
Brazil 24.9¢
Chile 24.9¢
China 70.9¢*
Colombia 45.9¢
Denmark 19.9¢
France 12.9¢
Germany 19.9¢
Greece 19.9¢
Hong Kong 19.9¢
Indonesia 22.9¢
Ireland 25.9¢
Italy 19.9¢
Japan 42.9¢
Korea (SOUTH) 19.9¢
Mexico 40.9¢
Netherlands 12.9¢
New Zealand 19.9¢
Norway 22.9¢
Panama 48.9¢
Poland 36.9¢
Russia 19.9¢
Singapore 26.9¢
Spain 38.9¢
Sweden 19.9¢
Switzerland 19.9¢
Taiwan 22.9¢
United Kingdom 12.9¢**
United States
Venezuela 48.9¢

*Cell phones in China cannot call freephone numbers

**UK participants using freephone / toll free numbers from their cell phones are subject to additional surcharges collected by their carriers. To avoid additional fees when dialing into your conference use a landline telephone.


Toll Dial-In

Participant calls into a local US number (provided with your account).

This number can be dialed from anywhere in the world.

How to call local US number from Europe:

  1. Dial the long distance code: 00
  2. Enter the U.S. country code: 01
  3. Enter the area code and number

Participant may incur additional charges from their telephone carrier.

International Out-Dial

As a moderator, you can call anyone in the world from within your international conference call and bring them into your conference call. There is no additional charge for calls to the following countries:

How to call a participant

  1. Press *1 to start.
  2. Dial the number of the participant.
  3. When you have the participant on the line, press *2 to rejoin the conference.

*If you do not reach your participant (i.e. voicemail), press *3 to rejoin the conference.

Call for International Out-Dial Rates that are not listed: 1.800.977.4607

Call for International Out-Dial Rates that are not listed: 1.800.977.4607

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