Conference Call Services


Conference Call Services

Conference Calls

No Code Required

With our QuickLinQ feature, you and your participants can join your conference with just a phone number. No lengthy codes to enter or remember.

Automatically Record Your Conference Calls

We don't charge for call recordings. We don't charge for you to store your recordings more than 30 days. Oh, and we don't delete your recordings either.

Dial Out to Participants

You can add participants to your conference directly or request an operator dial out conference for an extra professional touch.

Mute Your Line

Loud noises in the background? Mute your line to keep the conference distraction free.

Lecture Mode

Place the call into lecture mode and mute all of your participants at once to speak without interruptions.

Q&A Controls

Participants "raise" their hand to ask a question. As the moderator, press the # key to take the next question.

4.9¢ Toll-Free per minute/ per line

Sign up online or over the phone in minutes. Credit card billing or invoicing available.

Have questions about the service? Call Us at 1.800.977.4607

How much will it cost per month?
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How many participants?
How long are your conference calls(Minutes per Call)?
How many calls per month?

Recording Controls

Start and stop recording your conference call with a click.

Lecture Mode and Q&A

The best way to host a call with a question and answer session.

Mute Individual Lines

Eliminate hold music, echo, or barking dogs in the background.

See Who is On Your Call

Identify callers by the phone number or use a registration page to collect their name and company so you know who is on your conference.

Permission Based

Permission Based Users

Grant access to your account without compromising security.

Meeting Central

One page overview of your conferences. Setup one-time use conferences, apply expiration dates, or setup recurring calls.

Multiple Conferences

Track usage by person or conference.

Online Billing and Reporting

Your calls are saved online for review anytime.


Conference Call Security

Secure Conference Call

Conference Codes

Assign each participant a unique code or employ registration pages to make sure that only the people you want are attending your conference call.

Code Options

Set codes to be used one at a time or to expire after a certain number of uses.

Conferences Rooms

Set up a conference room for each employee or schedule each conference individually so that codes will only be available for specific dates and times.

Permission Based Users

Grant limited access to each user on your account. Each employee can only see the details for their assigned conference.

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