Video Conferencing

Meet Face to Face with Video Conferencing

Communicate instantly with your team without the hassle of travel.


Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs

Interacting face to face is now possible regardless of location. Video conferencing brings your meetings to you, instead of having to deal with the headache of traveling.

Can't make it to your office? Web conferencing will allow you to share and edit documents from anywhere you are located.


It's easy. Login, attend the meeting, and then leave. Meet with anyone no matter where you are.

Video conferencing only needs a PC, webcam and an internet connection. No special hardware required.

Participate with just a web browser

Moderators have two options: a full featured video conference and application sharing program or a web based version with slimmed-down features.

With our quick and easy download you can be up and running in minutes.

Reach More Customers

Build better relationships with customers, clients, and even potential employees by using video conferencing before meeting with them in person.

Keep Them Engaged

Meetings online work just like the board room meetings you're used to. Video / web conferencing will allow you to share documents, videos, applications, and websites. You can also control Q&A, provide a hands-on experience, and manage large groups easily though conference controls.

Two Pricing Options

7.9¢ per minute - Use whenever and pay per minute per person. Toll-free telephone conferencing included.

Monthly Rates starting at $59.00 - Unlimited use for a set amount of seats. Telephone conferencing not included.

AccuConference is backed with a 100% guarantee.

*Video Conference durations are limited to 14 hours per day and are subject to service interruptions.

Volume Discounts:Please call for Prices 1.800.977.4607

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