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Receive high quality video conferencing for a fraction of the cost. Our system is easy-to-use, reliable, and will ensure crystal clear quality. It can also help you be more productive and save money. Recent technological advances now let you host a conference call, host a video conference, share your desktop and collaborate on documents with others  for only 15 cents per minute.

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Increase productivity and reduce costs

Spur-the-moment meetings and face-to-face interaction are now possible regardless of location.
Video conferencing costs substantially less than traveling and participants will never have to leave their office.

It is proven that you will save time and be more productive if you can work in a controlled environment, within a regular routine. Video conferencing brings work to your office instead of taking it abroad -- allowing you to maintain access to important people, tools, and resources that make your job easier. And best of all, you can still go home to your friends and family at the end of the day.

Keep them engaged

Video conferencing will never replace the in-person meeting, but it will support your business meetings by providing you with unique ways to interact. The online collaborative tools can enhance a meeting in ways that can’t be done in person. Document sharing and white board applications give you (and everyone else) hands-on experience, and Q & A tools and text-messaging let you easily manage large group meetings. This interactive meeting will get everyone involved and will boost participation and retention rates.

Expand your reach

Now you can gain a wider reach at a lower cost and defy geographic boundaries. Use video conferencing to qualify candidates (leads, partners, and clients) before meeting them in person. Whether three blocks away, or thee time zones apart, you can have a seamless video conferencing experience. Before long, this technology will become a seamless and integrated part of your business.


> Login, listen and leave. It’s easy to meet with anyone, anywhere.
> Same money by eliminating travel, accommodations, food and gas.
> Enhance your meetings in ways that can’t be done in person
> Save time and be more productive
> Meet more often, and get more done.

For basic video conferencing there is no hardware required. A basic web camera is all you need to get started. You do not need to order installation CD, simply login to our website and download directly to your computer. The installation is easy and you can begin video conferencing within minutes. 


High definition video conferencing is available with our system if you have the proper equipment. This means you will get a 1280x720 pixel image at 30 frames per second as opposed to a 352x240 image from a traditional web camera. High definition video uses a lot of bandwidth (about 1.2 megabits) so it is important that all participants are using a reliable internet carrier to

We use MPEG-4 video,which is an industry standard for audio and video streaming. This technology was designed to deliver high quality video at a lower data rate and smaller file size. The video is compressed without compromising quality. Broadcasters such as DirecTV use MPEG-4 to deliver digital television shows. It is universally accepted by most media players.

If you are considering video conferencing then see what corporate conference calls can do for you.


Recommended Video Web Cams
(for video conferencing cameras not listed, read below)  

video conferencing cameras   Logitech QuickCam® Pro 5000
  • Part Number 961419-0403
  • Recommended for standard desktop users
Laptop Web cam   Logitech QuickCam® for Notebooks Pro
  • Part Number 961398-0403
  • Recommended for users with notebooks or laptops
Logitech Orbit  

Logitech QuickCam® Orbit™ MP

  • Motorized Pan and Tilt
  • Low Distortion, Ultra-wide Field of View
Board Room Camera
video conferencing equipment   Sony EVI D70 Digital Camera
  • Part Number EVI-D70
  • Recommended for very high quality board room applications where tilt, pan, and zoom are required

Other Video Conferencing Cameras & Specialty Devices

Generally, Meeting Central™ can use any video source with a Windows DirectX/DirectShow device driver, v 9.0 or later.  If you can “see” your video device with the Windows scanner and camera test wizard, Meeting Central™ can select the camera and you can use it during your next conference.  You can even use multiple Windows video devices, alternating their use, during the conference.

Frequently we receive questions such as, “Can I use my video camera?”, “What about medical video devices?”, “What about our existing conference room camera?”  Most often, the answer is “yes.”  Many of these devices output standard video (S-Video Out). 

Standard video is easily input to a Windows PC using a USB converter or PC video capture card.  These adapters (and DirectShow device drivers) convert S-Video to a format that the Windows operating system and e/pop software can use.

Video to USB Converter

There are many popular sources of video-to-USB adaptors, such as USB Gear and many more. Warning! For best results, be sure to select a USB 2.0 device. Also not that most USB converters have a maximum of 352 x 288 pixels (or 320x240) video capture quality limitation. For 640x480, 30 fps (full motion video), consider a PC video capture card.

PC Video Capture Card

There are many popular sources of video capture cards. A PCI bus adapter card, with Windows DirectShow device driver typically provides the best performance, least load on the CPU, and avoids the USB 1.0/2.0, and half/full-screen limitations of USB converters mentioned above. We suggest using the Osprey-210 Analog Capture Card or better with whatever video camera your company decides on using.

*Web Conferencing meeting durations are limited to 14 hours per day and are subject to service interruptions.

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