3 Meeting Tips for Leaders

A meeting is a time to show what kind of leader you are.  Yes, it's also a time to gain or share information, but it can be one of the few times that employees get to see their boss at the helm.  How you run your meetings will tell a lot to your employees about you and the state of the company.

John Baldoni of the Harvard Business Press wrote about leaders and meetings in a recent blog post, "Now more than ever, senior leaders need to be seen and especially heard by the people who are counting on them for direction and focus." 

Meetings are times when you can be visible and proactive, so use them to inspire your employees.  Here are three meeting tips Baldoni gave us to help leaders run a solid and energizing meeting

1.  Be Focused – It's sometimes easy to get distracted or off on a tangent during a meeting, but this isn't strong leadership.  Have an agenda, stay on task, and schedule tangents for another time.  To quote Baldoni again, "Executives need to demonstrate their knowledge of the situation as well as their command of the situation."

2.  Tell Stories – This piece of advice is invaluable.  A lot of information is thrown around during a meeting, and often even copious notes don't catch it all.  And if you record your conference calls or web conferencing, you still have to remember what the webinar was about.  Figure out what your main point of the meeting is and tell a story about it.  A story will make it memorable, long after the notes are gone.

3.  Hear from the Field – A good leader knows they cannot do everything themselves, but must delegate.  It can be the same during a meeting.  You don't have to stand in front of everyone for an hour to be seen as a leader.  Instead, let people report about their departments, tell what they've accomplished, or voice their ideas or concerns.  You and everyone else can learn from these people, and perhaps be inspired by them.

Posted by George Page, Communication Specialist