4 Areas of Presentation Planning

Even though it can be a crazy time right before a presentation, we need to be prepared. Step one in quality presentation planning is…

Don’t wait until right before the presentation to prepare for the presentation!

Past that vital tip, to make sure everything is set and all our bases are covered, we need to have done our due diligence at least the day before. For some insight on these preparations, I found some presentation planning tips on MindTools.com that are separated into four areas. Let’s look at the highlights:

Presentation – There are two points here that I think are important. First make sure our introduction is an attention grabber and explains our objectives. Second, the closing summary needs to tie it all together so the participants know what we wanted them to know.

Delivery – I like and dislike this section. I like that we should check out the presentations site beforehand. I don’t like that we need to rely on notes and visual aids. If we’ve got the first line covered—“Are you knowledgeable about the topic…”—then the rest will be fine. Though it is a good idea to do dry runs to be familiar with any technology to be used.

Appearance – Practice is a good thing. Practicing how we will present as much as possible is a very good thing.

Visual Aids – Are these supports for our points—or a distraction? Are they easy to read? We remembered NOT to use bullet points, didn’t we?

Does this MindTools.com checklist help you? What would you add to the list?