50 Helpful GTD Resources

We’re all on a quest to achieve maximum productivity, right? Whether it’s mastering the to-do list, organizing email and calendar items, or improving project management – this list has something for everyone.  

For those of you who don’t know, GTD is shorthand for “Getting Things Done.” It’s a popular work-life management system developed by David Allen.
Kim at Optimized Life has created a list of different tools, using the GTD methodology, which will help you get organized.

For those who rely on a daily to-do list, here are some suggestions:
TaDa Lists – Ta-da makes it easy to create lists for every occasion.
ToDoist – Here’s a simple todo list and task manager that
is super easy to use. ToDoist is a bit more powerful and
allows integration with Gmail.
MyTodos is a free online todo list that will allow you to organize your
life in just a few minutes a day.
Toodledo is another web-based to-do list that is easy to use. You can use this simple tool to help you get organized,
stay motivated, and increase your productivity.