Use Carbon Reduction to Increase Your Business

It has been estimated that by utilizing a teleconference instead of taking a two day business trip and travel six hundred miles you will save two thousand dollars or more in total travel costs. You will also save approximately a half a ton of carbon.

Carbon Footprint

Take advantage of the carbon reduction that you as well as your clients and potential customers will cause by teleconferencing. Let them know that you are making a financial contribution to an organization that is working to lower the amount of carbon that is released into the atmosphere. You will stand out from the crowd and a large number of potential clients will be pleased to know that part of their payment is going to a good cause. Most CEO's will tell you that contributing to notable causes is good for business.

Provide the name of the specific organization you will be contributing to and the percentage or the amount you will be providing. The information can be placed in your sales copy and on the pages of your website. Carbon reduction by way of teleconferencing can provide you new customers.


After your latest conference call, you want to go back and review who attended.  You look at the caller ID of each call, but several show up as Anonymous.  What do you do?

Listen to the name recording - as each participant joins the conference, they are asked to record their name.  This recording is available anytime.

This is also great during a Q&A session.  Instead of stating, "go ahead caller, what is your question", you can say "We have Tom Andergain on the line, what is your question".  It really adds a personal touch to your calls.

If you want even more ways to track your attendees, use a registration page.  More on that later.

Telecommuting = $4.5 billion in savings for America

AeA released a report stating "if everone with the potential to telework did so just 1.6 days per week", 1.35 billion gallons of fuel would be saved.

That's a big number.  In addition, this "would prevent 26 billion pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere".

Another benefit is employee moral.  If your commute was 40 minutes each way, you would be saving almost an hour and a half.  Add to that the reduction of stress from driving/commuting.  That's a nice benefit.

Team-Building Ain't For the Faint of Heart

Team building is seen as an essential part of a successful company because it encourages employees to interact with each other and to solve problems. Many companies rely on these activities and exercises to remove barriers to communication and to improve efficiency. And yet some managers pooh-pooh team-building exercises as a waste of time. A Workforce Management article discusses team building in light of a recent court case.

And the Los Angeles Times discusses an exotic, albeit more expensive approach to team building.

But what can companies do to encourage team building on a smaller scale?

A recent book, 365 Low or No Cost Workplace Teambuilding Activities: Games and Exercises Designed to Build Trust & Encourage Teamwork Among Employees by John N. Peragine, highlights simple and easy team-building activities and exercises that can be adapted for use right now and for little to no cost.

The book includes step-by-step instructions and hints on what to do and what not to do. Whether you’re interested in eliminating stress and burn out with humor, helping your team get to know each other better, or attempting to establish a corporate identity, a book of team-building exercises might be what just you’re looking for.

However, if you’re looking for a more enjoyable type of team-building environment, skip water boarding or other forms of semi-torture and go for something laidback, like cooking.

Kgomotso Mathe writes in the Financial Mail about the growing trend overseas to stage team-building exercises in a common venue: a kitchen.

"The uShef Cooking School is gaining fame not only among corporates, but also food fundis wishing to sharpen their cooking skills. It is absolutely a place where good food and fun meet. It is owned by Gill Ostrowski, a qualified chef who has been in the hospitality industry for nearly 19 years. The place operates like a restaurant, except in this case you'll have to cook your own dinner."

Cooking with colleagues may sound daunting, but it actually provides a safe place for people to get to know each other and to chatter over tasks that aren’t stressful, but fun.

John Hollon of Work Management writes, "Team-building exercises [sometimes] are more about getting people to follow along blindly - to engage in groupthink - than they are in really getting people to work as a team. A better approach might be what [successful companies do], bringing people from all around the company together to get to know one another, swap ideas and break down barriers to collaboration."

Whatever activity you choose to enhance team building in your company make it fun and make it meaningful.

He Said, She Said

Have you ever wanted to go back and listen to a meeting you had, just to prove your point?  I do it all the time…that is go back and listen.  I listen to meetings I've recorded so I don't have to take notes - my full attention is focused on the meeting and those present.  Also, it has saved the company a fair share of money - some people will agree to a price, then change their minds later.  With a recording, you can hold them to the first-agreed upon price.

Currently I am using our 800 Forwarding service to record phone calls, meetings, and also to dictate notes I need for later - like a handheld voice recorder, but with no restrictions.

It's always polite (and important) to let the other person know the call is being recorded.

Finally, before you work yourself into a frenzy about what someone said (or didn’t), listen to the recording first….you don't want to be wrong do you?

Teleconferencing Helps Disadvantaged Children

A group of scientists have recently performed a study to determine if teleconferencing can be utilized by orthodontic experts to help disadvantaged children who would typically not have access to them. During the study, an orthodontic specialist located at remote location, provided supervision to a general dentist who was providing orthodontic treatments to children at a public health clinic in Toppenish Washington.

The results of the treatments were then compared to the results form orthodontic graduate students working on children who were provided direct supervision on site. The study showed that the two groups of children received similar treatments. In the future, disadvantaged children all over the country and perhaps all over the world can be provided with quality orthodontic care.

Teleconferencing has been quite useful for events such as business meetings, seminars and shareholders meetings. Utilizing teleconferencing for orthodontics and other medical services is an inexpensive approach that should be expanded. The internet offers a wide variety of quality information but most people, including children would probably prefer their dentist receive real time orthodontic advice from an expert than witness their dentist continually reading instructions from a website while dental instruments are being moved around in their mouth. Perhaps children will now be singing the praises of teleconferencing.

Conferencing - No Better Way To Go Green

Ok, so you want to help save the planet.  You want your company to be green.  Recycling is expensive and difficult. 

It's easy to say your company is green.  You have the blue trash bins for recycling, the reminder stickers next to light switches and you even got that nice flat-panel monitor you've been wanting.  What if you replaced your next remote business meeting with a video conference?

Earth Day Bonus - Mention "Go Green" and we'll give you a free Video Conference up to 5 people.

Your Message, Just Right

Get Your Message OutYou have an important message to get out. You need your clients/employees to receive that message. There are several methods to getting that message delivered.

  1. Email - this type is easy, however it requires the user to read it.Not everyone does that.Certain key points can be missed.
  2. Website/Message Board - another easy method, but also requires reading.
  3. Recording Broadcast/Conference Call - pre-record your message and make it available for your users anytime.

With a recording, you will be able to add personality and stress important points of your message. Hearing a voice is powerful and adds a personal touch to your message.Your clients/employees can listen to the recording anytime (on the road, excercising, etc). Another option is to setup an event (conference call) centered around the message. This gives you an opportunity to contact your participants and adds credibility to the event. Also, you can keep recording until the messagesounds exactly like you want it.

To accomplish this:

  1. Record your message.Useour conference bridge to pre-record what you want delivered.
  2. Setup a date/time for your conference call.
  3. Send out invites for your event.
  4. When you begin your conference, simply play the recording into the live call with the recording controls on your live call screen.

If you have additional questions, we would love to help you. Call anytime: 1.800.977.4607.

Classic Office Pranks

Why you can never go on vacation, I

Clearly your employees need constant supervision.

Why you can never go on vacation, II

You just don't know what you'll find when you return.


A very jumpy girl.

Why you should behave yourself at the office

You just don't know what can go wrong.

He tried the reasonable approach

But sometimes you've got to show the equipment just who's the boss.

That'll fix it.

When co-workers attack, I

Sometimes they have a good reason.

A very good reason.


It's always embarrassing to show up somewhere uninvited.

When your office disappears.

Stay alert at all times