HTC to Ship 24 Million Smartphones

HTC Corporation, the Taiwan-based manufacturer of smartphones that brought consumers popular devices such as the Droid and Evo, may ship 24 million smarphones in 2010, according to a report by

The 24 million mark will come as the result of HTC shipping 60 to 70 percent more phones than they did in the first half of 2010 in the second half, an indication of the surging popularity of the Android operating systems and smartphones in general.

According to the report, “no component suppliers believed [reaching 24 million] was possible at the time with plenty of uncertainties still surrounding the global economy.”

In June 2010, however, HTC released sales results tallied at $741.392 million for that month alone, up 66.68 percent from the same month a year earlier, according to a separate report by

HTC placed its hopes in the Android Mobile OS two years ago, a move that was risky at the time—even with Google backing it—but the gamble appears to be paying off.

The company posted $268 million in profit for the quarter that just ended, a one-third increase over the same quarter last year.

In April alone HTC sold 4.5 million devices, outpacing Apple during that month, which likely had purchases of the 3GS drop off as users anticipated the iPhone 4.

Orders are supposed to increase during the third quarter, which is traditionally the peak season, and sources from the company say they weren’t even able to fulfill all order requests during the first half.

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AccuConference | Conference Calls on iPhone

Conference Calls on iPhone

AccuConference iPhone App

Conference calls on the iPhone are a good way to meet with multiple people while on the go. With the AccuConference app, talking with multiple people on the iPhone can be accomplished almost effortlessly. This post will explain the steps you need to take in order to be conferencing within the next 10 minutes. While we think the AccuConference tools are the best means for conducting calls with multiple people, this application will allow you to connect to conferences hosted by any teleconferencing provider. Also, the iPhone has a built in capability for holding small conferences. T his method will be included in the lower portion of the post.

Conference Calls on iPhone - AccuConference App

  • Get the free AccuConference App from the App Store
  • Open the app and select “Add New Conference”
  • Fill out the fields (conference name, number, and code). If you would like to add other options such as conference date & time or other participants do so on the screen (optional). Save the information.

Now, whenever you need to connect to that conference, simply open the app, press join conference, and it will keep track of all of your codes and dial them for you. Your connection is reduced to one button.

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