Extra Preparation

Last week, Seth Godin wrote a blog about how to prepare for the fall back of the 2%. A really interesting post that basically says you can make something as easy as pie, but there's still going to be a group who doesn't quite get it.

When it comes to conference calls, you can use a registration page to prepare for the 2%. Creating a registration page will create a link for you to send out. It will direct them to a sign up page that will gather information and allow them to register for the call. It will save their name, company, and email so that you'll know who to expect.

The registration page can also set up reminders to go out for your participants so that you can make sure each person received a notice that they signed up for the conference. Someone will always forget that they are supposed to be on the call, so having a reminder system in place is always a good idea.

For after the conference, the registration page not only stores who signed up for the conference but also takes a log of which of those people showed up.  This allows you the ability for the all important follow up. If the conference is a mandatory call for employees or business partners you have record of attendance so you can schedule a make up date. You also have a record of contact information to follow up with those who did not attend.

There is nothing you can do to "fix" the 2% but you can put something in place, even in a conference situation, where you can have that extra help.

How do you prepare for the 2%?

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