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It’s clear that conference calls are a vital part of any business. More than likely you’ll find yourself dealing with multiple businesses that use multiple conference call providers. With your week filling with different conferences to attend, meetings to go to, how do you keep it all together? You use your phone calendar to store your daily plans and until now there wasn’t an application that helped you do the same thing with your different conference calls numbers and codes.

AccuConference is happily presenting our updated iPhone application, AccuDial. It’s a free conferencing tool that’s available from the App store or iTunes that can help you to keep all of your conferences together. It’s pretty simple. Just download the application, enter a new conference, and plug in the information. Name it anything you would like and attach a date and time to it if you like. When it’s time for the conference you can either sort by the name or the date to find the right conference for the day (or the hour).

This application is not limited for use by AccuConference customers and allows anyone with an iPhone to connect to a conference call hosted by any teleconferencing provider. To get started, simply download the application, select it from the home screen, click on the settings (the wheel in the top right hand corner) and start adding conferences. You can add up to fifty and if you need help figuring out what goes where, just click on “help” in the top of the screen to pop up some quick descriptions and suggestions on how you can use the different options.

Since it’s free, there’s no reason not to give it a try, right? Go on over to the App Store or to iTunes and download the application and give it a try. If you have comments or suggestions, you can leave them here.

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AccuDial Iphone App