Acronym Rehabilitation

Acronym Rehabilitation

The world has gotten fast paced enough that we have developed ways to make it a little bit easier on all of us. We have iPhones so that our music, phone, and email can all be carried in the same place.  Text messaging has replaced the need for pagers. Video conferencing has replaced the need to travel around the world to have a face to face get together. On top of this, more companies are implementing the use of IM in their offices to be able to share information. 

We used to use IM here in the office and writing this reminded that it’s not always the clearest form of communication.  I once asked my boss a question and he responded with “y”. I proceeded to tell him why I needed to know the answer only to be informed that he meant “yes”. That seems like a pretty easy conclusion for me to draw, but maybe there’s a reason why I didn’t quite connect the dots.

In our zest to get things done faster, we’ve cut out a lot of “unnecessary” steps to get to where we need to be. Sometimes that can be a step in the right direction – look at companies like Toyota, who have benefited from “cut the fat” policies on their production floors. As great as these policies can be for the bottom line, there comes a time when we need to admit that we’ve cut out too much.  

Communication is the key to any beneficial relationship and if you can’t communicate effectively, you’ll never be able to close a deal or get a promotion. While most people are very careful about keeping their “net-speak” and their English separate, who hasn’t accidentally dropped a “BTW” or a “BRB” on another person while speaking face to face?

Think about the up and coming generation of business leaders.  They are sixteen now, forever on their laptops or phones, texting and emailing choppy messages to each other. Not because it’s the way you should speak, but because it’s quicker.  They will change the world, shape the future, and one day, will be working for you. 

The question is, will you understand anything that comes out of their mouth?

Do you feel that acronym addiction will affect the way that communication occurs?  What can we do to rehabilitate ourselves and fast?