Are You Listening?

We are a culture of multi-taskers, a society that proudly admits we can text and walk at the same time, and believe that driving with our knees while shoving a cheeseburger in our face is okay. When it comes to having a conversation with someone, it can be a drag if you are speaking, but they aren’t hearing you. I know lots of people who seem to think that being able to repeat back what you said to them means that they were listening, even if they are doing other things at the same time. Your ears are open to what information is being delivered, but are you engaged in the conversation?

If your customer makes a suggestion do you consider it and take it into account? Maybe it’s not just the request of one person—maybe it’s a change that will benefit all of your clients. It makes me think: Are you listening to your customers?

Sure, we can hear them, but are we taking it all in and giving that customer the time they deserve? If you’re on the phone with a client, is that your main focus or are you doing other things, like checking your email or texting your brother back about dinner plans?  Yes, multitasking is a great skill and is very beneficial to productive business practices, but there’s a point where it starts to take away from what should be your main focus—your customers.

Where do you draw the line between multitasking and "just listening"?

Comment your thoughts here and let’s figure out a good place to draw the line.