He Said, She Said

Have you ever wanted to go back and listen to a meeting you had, just to prove your point?  I do it all the time…that is go back and listen.  I listen to meetings I've recorded so I don't have to take notes - my full attention is focused on the meeting and those present.  Also, it has saved the company a fair share of money - some people will agree to a price, then change their minds later.  With a recording, you can hold them to the first-agreed upon price.

Currently I am using our 800 Forwarding service to record phone calls, meetings, and also to dictate notes I need for later - like a handheld voice recorder, but with no restrictions.

It's always polite (and important) to let the other person know the call is being recorded.

Finally, before you work yourself into a frenzy about what someone said (or didn’t), listen to the recording first….you don't want to be wrong do you?

Teleconferencing Helps Disadvantaged Children

A group of scientists have recently performed a study to determine if teleconferencing can be utilized by orthodontic experts to help disadvantaged children who would typically not have access to them. During the study, an orthodontic specialist located at remote location, provided supervision to a general dentist who was providing orthodontic treatments to children at a public health clinic in Toppenish Washington.

The results of the treatments were then compared to the results form orthodontic graduate students working on children who were provided direct supervision on site. The study showed that the two groups of children received similar treatments. In the future, disadvantaged children all over the country and perhaps all over the world can be provided with quality orthodontic care.

Teleconferencing has been quite useful for events such as business meetings, seminars and shareholders meetings. Utilizing teleconferencing for orthodontics and other medical services is an inexpensive approach that should be expanded. The internet offers a wide variety of quality information but most people, including children would probably prefer their dentist receive real time orthodontic advice from an expert than witness their dentist continually reading instructions from a website while dental instruments are being moved around in their mouth. Perhaps children will now be singing the praises of teleconferencing.

Conferencing - No Better Way To Go Green

Ok, so you want to help save the planet.  You want your company to be green.  Recycling is expensive and difficult. 

It's easy to say your company is green.  You have the blue trash bins for recycling, the reminder stickers next to light switches and you even got that nice flat-panel monitor you've been wanting.  What if you replaced your next remote business meeting with a video conference?

Earth Day Bonus - Mention "Go Green" and we'll give you a free Video Conference up to 5 people.

Your Message, Just Right

Get Your Message OutYou have an important message to get out. You need your clients/employees to receive that message. There are several methods to getting that message delivered.

  1. Email - this type is easy, however it requires the user to read it.Not everyone does that.Certain key points can be missed.
  2. Website/Message Board - another easy method, but also requires reading.
  3. Recording Broadcast/Conference Call - pre-record your message and make it available for your users anytime.

With a recording, you will be able to add personality and stress important points of your message. Hearing a voice is powerful and adds a personal touch to your message.Your clients/employees can listen to the recording anytime (on the road, excercising, etc). Another option is to setup an event (conference call) centered around the message. This gives you an opportunity to contact your participants and adds credibility to the event. Also, you can keep recording until the messagesounds exactly like you want it.

To accomplish this:

  1. Record your message.Useour conference bridge to pre-record what you want delivered.
  2. Setup a date/time for your conference call.
  3. Send out invites for your event.
  4. When you begin your conference, simply play the recording into the live call with the recording controls on your live call screen.

If you have additional questions, we would love to help you. Call anytime: 1.800.977.4607.

Classic Office Pranks

Why you can never go on vacation, I

Clearly your employees need constant supervision.

Why you can never go on vacation, II

You just don't know what you'll find when you return.


A very jumpy girl.

Why you should behave yourself at the office

You just don't know what can go wrong.

He tried the reasonable approach

But sometimes you've got to show the equipment just who's the boss.

That'll fix it.

When co-workers attack, I

Sometimes they have a good reason.

A very good reason.


It's always embarrassing to show up somewhere uninvited.

When your office disappears.

Stay alert at all times

Using an Outlook Plugin To Set up Meetings

This increase in the use of technology has lead to management asking employees to do more. The name of the game is productivity. More output with fewer employees equals higher profits. If we are going to be asked to use technology then it makes sense that we use it to its full potential.

Outlook Plugin

Telephone calls, conference calls, web or video conferencing, they all take time to organize and of course, they all take time from our schedule to participate. There is much in the way of software that can help a busy person plan and control their daily activities. If you are a MicroSoft Outlook user then you have a fairly comprehensive calendar and task manager right at your fingertips.

If the in-built features of Outlook aren't quite powerful enough to handle your requirements, you can download and install plugins that extend Outlook's capabilities. There are several plugins available including AccuConference Outlook Plugin. This is a free conference call scheduler.

Most schedulers allow you to view calendars for all the proposed participants to find common free periods. You are then able to book a conference call and send emails to each participant.

One of the benefits of using a plugin is the auto feature which will automatically dial the participant's phone numbers at the scheduled time. Using this feature, you can schedule individual calls throughout the day to an individual number or schedule a group of numbers for a conference call.

To use the software, you would normally activate the function through a button on Outlook's toolbar. To select the participant(s) from your contacts list (or manually insert numbers), select a time and day and save. You can set a reminder for any period prior to the scheduled start time. This appears as a popup displaying the reminder message and details. At the scheduled time the software would activate the auto call function.

Plugins help you to schedule your time. This helps you plan your day leading to more control over your activities, less stress and better productivity.

Reservationless and Scheduling

When most people think of conference calling, they see themselves calling up some big company and setting up an elaborate phone call with hundreds of operators.  Reservationless Conference CallThis deep rooted meme probably keeps a lot of people from trying out conference calling.  When you want to setup a conference call, you don't have to contact us.  Just pick up the phone and start talking.

Here is another example of how our services break from the norm.  Back when we sold a lot of calling cards, we had to show our customers the difference between our product and others.  When you think of calling cards, you visualize a rack of pre-paid cards behind the counter at a convenience store.  Our calling cards were not pre-paid.  They were accounts setup and paid at the end of the usage cycle.  Even today, we have customers call us to "put more money on their card", and we politely explain that our calling card is not pre-paid.

When you want to setup a conference call, you don't have to contact us.  Just pick up the phone and start talking.  We have customers who never contact us to setup their conference calls and they love it.  We have customers who alwyas contact us to setup their conference calls and they love it.  Either way, we love it.

The point?  Whichever way you feel is best for you and your company, then that is the way you should be to conference.

Teleconference Restrictions

For those of you who live in Guam or are planning to move there, your healthcare might be significantly affected by a new bill that has been proposed. Doctors situated in Guam have for years been using teleconferencing to consult with doctors all over the world regarding their patients' healthcare. However, the Chairman of the Guam Board of Medical Examiners claims that Guam law only allows Guam licensed doctors to be consulted about Guam patients. The cantankerous chairman is demanding that telemedicine be regulated for the safety of the patients. The bill was designed to supposedly protect telemedicine but some doctors are concerned politicians will actually hinder telemedicine.

What if you live in Guam and you have a life threatening disease and the prominent doctors on the island are not sure what is causing the problem? Previously doctors had the opportunity to consult with the top doctors in Europe or America. Yet unless these experts temporarily move to Guam and acquire a Guam medical license the doubting chairman believes you may be harmed by the outside advice.

In America, numerous states have their own license requirements for obtaining advice from out-of-state doctors. Perhaps all the states should allow physicians to determine if telemedicine is useful and not interfering politicians. Let's hope the chairman from Guam doesn’t move to your state or that you don’t get ill while visiting Guam and need specialized medical attention that the island doesn't have.

Teleconferencing is Booming

Teleconferencing has been around for more than 50 years and continues to grow in popularity. By some estimates, North America accounts for approximately 70% of the conferencing market. The revenue of the conferencing industry is expanding by 10% a year while calling volume has been growing at a rate of 20%. Web conferencing and video conferencing are also experiencing significant growth; although revenue from the audio variation of conferencing is higher.

By utilizing teleconferencing and video conferencing, entrepreneurs located all over the world can base their business decisions on global factors and not just neighborhood factors.

Teleconferencing is now an established way of doing business for small businesses and medium size companies all over the planet. Millions of audio conference calls occur in the world on a daily basis. Frost & Sullivan's U.S. Audio Conferencing Services Market report estimates that total volume will make it to 35 billion minutes in the year 2010.

I realize some of you are not stunned by this number because your loquacious teenage daughter is almost gobbling up that many minutes by herself in a year and a half. Perhaps future generations will be astonished when they hear their parents tell stories how they used to spend hours flying in an airplane in order to attend a sales meeting.