Boosting Customer Service

customer improvementNeed to boost your customer service? Do you want your client’s happy?

I’ve been thinking about departments that have notoriously bad reputations and call centers came to mind. If you manage a business with a customer service department, you can do some quick and easy things to give your customers an experience that they won’t expect, and it will make them happy when it’s all said and done.

Stop multitasking. Are you talking to a customer on the phone or (even worse) when a customer is standing right in front of you? Stop checking your email or working on anything else – that customer is your number one priority and they should feel that way by getting your full attention.

Smile. Of course this is important when you deal with customers face to face, but it’s also an important part of providing customer service over the phone. Believe it or a not, a customer can “hear” if you’re smiling or scowling.

Use the customer’s name. Obviously, you want to get a connection with your customer, and simply using their name can give you and the customer a moment to bond. Bonus tip: Around here, we usually end up talking to a lot of the same customers, so always ask them how things are going. They’ll be happy you remembered them.

Put them on hold for less than one minute. Sometimes we have to put people on hold to ask another coworker for help or to see if it’s possible to do what the customer is asking. It’s not a problem to do that, but the longer a customer is on hold, the more they feel like they are being forgotten. If you do have to put a customer on hold, make sure it’s for 30 seconds or less, and then check in with them again. Always offer to call them back if you’re not able to come up with an answer for their question right away.

Offer alternate solutions. Sometimes, customers ask us for help with things that may be a little different than what we can do for them. We’re always ready with an alternative – Well, we can’t do that exactly, but here’s another thing you can do to reach a similar goal.

Where else can customer service be improved dramatically in a short period of time?