Bring a Briefcase Full of Etiquette to the Conference Call

Attending a boardroom meeting requires certain etiquette. You wouldn't shove somebody's paperwork off the table to make room for your sales report. Conference calls also necessitate etiquette. Here are nine valuable conference call etiquette suggestions:

  1. Be on time. Don't disrupt the meeting. It's also a little rude to ask a punctual person to supply a review of what you missed.
  2. If the moderator of the conference call excludes you from the introductions; don't be shy, say hello and mention your name and your location.
  3. It's polite to acknowledge the contributions people are adding to the teleconference. "That's a great idea" or "Thanks for the information." It also makes the meeting seem more active.
  4. Disable the call-waiting feature on your phone.
  5. Don't interrupt while a participant is speaking.
  6. If you are on speakerphone all the little noises such as keyboard sounds, chairs squeaking and papers being shuffled are annoying to the participants.
  7. Don't hit the hold button. You don't want the group to be serenaded by unnecessary music or irritating beeps.
  8. Inform your co-workers regarding the timeframe of the teleconference so they won't enter your office making sarcastic comments about the Chief Financial Officer for everyone to hear.
  9. Don't use a cell phone; too much background noise.

Etiquette and conference calls go together.