Call Scheduler Updates

We’ve updated your online call scheduler.

  1. When you schedule a start time for your conference calls, the moderators can call-in 15 minutes beforehand. Participants can call-in 5 minutes beforehand.  This will protect you from being overcharged accidentally.
  2. If you are a moderator and you’re waiting for others to arrive, you hold 15 minutes before the system bumps you off if no one else joins.  Again, this will protect you from being overcharged accidentally.
  3. If you schedule a reoccurring conference (i.e. 3:00PM every Wednesday) then the codes will only work for that specified time. The codes will not be active until the following week on the same time and day.
  4. If you setup dial-in playback, the codes will still work regardless of the time stamp unless you make the conference inactive.

Call us if you have any questions. And if you’re unsure about anything, we will happily walk you through the process.