Meet Maranda

Amber’s drawing for today is a characture of me. I think it’s amazing and is going to end up being my new profile picture on some stuff. Here’s a little bit of info on why I look the way I look.

I am an amateur chef. I love to cook and create recipes. It makes me happy to spend an hour in the kitchen and come out on the other side with something amazing. I have a pencil and a pad because I love to write, whether it’s for work or for something more personal. I always have my iPod in and my music is up loud. Once, I ran out of the house to work with a brown shoe and a black shoe on and everyone had a good laugh about it all day.

So that’s me in a quirky nutshell. What are your quirks?


Spring Storms

Here's another great piece of art from Amber as an homage to the Spring Storm season.

If you live in an area prone to Spring Storms, do you have a tornado saftey plan? We live in DFW, so it's alwys a good idea to have a plan in place, even if you do not get a lot of tornados in your area.

Here are some great tips from NOAA on how to keep you and your family safe.

Have a great weekend!

Spring Cleaning -- Art

Since I'm not the only person in this office who looks foward to Spring Cleaning time, Amber has swooped in to offer me some back up. 



I wonder what she's going to be doing this weeked?  Have your read my recent post about Spring Cleaning and why you should apply it to your conference service as well?


Have a great and clutter - free weekend everyone!

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, no matter what you are doing.  Try not to eat too many peanut butter stuffed chocolate eggs.




--- Art by Amber Sanders