Cell Phone Statistics 2

The way that teens and adults are using cell phones has changed drastically in the last ten years.  The glass ceiling has been broken and the technology has steadily improved in this time period.  Cell phones are no longer just about making and receiving calls, with smart phones and internet access, social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to our mobile devices. To say that cell phones have changed the way we live is an understatement, we now found ourselves available every minute of the day. Here are some quick findings from a few studies I came across for 2008.
Findings from Harris Interactive:

  • 85% (or nine out of ten) adults carry a cell phone.
  • Of these 6% are “smart” phones.
  • 52% feel like their cell makes them too accessible.
  • On average, 4 mass marketing ads are received by each cell phone user a year (some users account for as many as 11+) but 74% of those users report deleting it before opening it.

Findings from Pew Internet & American Life Study

  • 36% of cell owners have been shocked by the price of their monthly bill.
  • 8% of cell phone owners have used it at least once to vote for American Idol.
  • 86% of cell users have been annoyed at least once by loud patrons on cell phones around them in public places.
  • 8% of cell users admit to being the person causing the disruption in public places.
  • (I was actually really shocked by this one) 32% of men surveyed say they couldn’t live without their cell phone, compared to only 23% of women.

The truth is though, that recently it has been teenagers and young adults who have been driving the ever increasing amount of cell phone users.  Studies on teenagers and young American’s using cell phones show that teens are quickly becoming fully reliant on their cell phones.
According to a study from CTIA and Harris Interactive

  • 57% of teens surveyed credit mobile devices with improving their lives.
  • 47% feel their lives would be lessened by not having their cell phone.
  • 57% feel it’s the key to their social life.
  • If texting were no longer an option 47% of teens feel like their social life would end or be worse.
  • 1 billion text messages are sent every day.

To say that cell phones have changed the course of communication and interaction among all demographics of American’s is defiantly an understatement.
According to The Insider, here are some quick ways you can cut your cell phone bills:

Buddy System
Most cell phone companies will offer you free minutes to cell phones on the same network plan or allow you to pick a group of people on any network you can have free calls too.

Know Your Options
Get a special plan for the services that you use the most. Find yourself racking up a lot of addition charges in text messages? You might benefit from an unlimited texting plan each month.  If you spend a lot of time on the web, you may need to think about adding a media plan or data package.

Lock Your Phone             
Shut off or lock your phone to prevent purse or pocket dialing while on the move.
Cell phones are an integral part of your daily life, but if you do the research and know your company that you work for, then you can make sure to keep your bill as low as possible.

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