Childlike Productivity

I read an article about childlike productivity that I wanted to share. It’’s from a website that provides tips on “living life with less stress and more fun.”

Childlike Secrets to Productivity (Summary):

  1. Plan – Most kids know exactly what they are going to do the next day “I’’m going to build a huge fort with my lego’’s tomorrow!”
  2. Don’t over-plan – You never hear a child say “I will wake up at 6:00am and play with my legos until 8:00. Then I’ll color in my coloring book until 9:30, when I’ll have a snack before taking a quick ride around the block on my tricycle…”
  3. Mind your passions – Once in a while you’ve got to step back and ask yourself the question “why am I doing this?” Kids make sure that they spend their time doing things their passionate about.