Conference Call Rewards

At the store where I buy groceries they have one of those card programs where you get money off the specific items you buy. These cards have always had great deals on groceries and this weekend, I learned that I can use my card at the gas station to get a discount. I didn’t have to do anything special besides shop at this particular grocery chain. Just by being a member, I get a gas discount.

A lot of our customers call us and ask us how they can customize their services and, much like I was with the money off on a gallon of gas, are surprised to find that we have many included services. Here are five things we get asked about that are already a part of your conference service.

  1. AccuConference has the ability to record all of your audio, video, and web conferences.
  2. Pre-record an audio message that can be played to participants on a live conference call. You can control the recording playback from the live call screen, and pause the recording to take questions or add additional information.
  3. Your recorded web and video conference session can be provided within the day. While we have the ability to send you a CD, for when you need something right away, we can also send you a download link that will allow accessing the completed file much faster than waiting on the delivery.
  4. Our services can be customized to fit your individual needs for your conference. If you have special requests please give us a call and one of our operators will be happy to help explain our options.

Remember our services include a lot of things that you may never know about until you need them. Finding out that your conference services have a lot of options included is a wonderful surprise, with no loyalty card needed.