Conference Calling and Frequent Flyer Miles: All Is Not Lost

There are a lot of generic things to look for when making a decision on a conference call service provider, such as: Do they offer the right package of amenities for the type of call you want to conduct? Do they have a good reputation for customer service? Can they handle the number of calls you require? And, are they priced competitively in terms of the services you need?

Given all things being equal, people wanting to hold conference calls can now look at other things that give them additional value for their money when searching for just the right company to service all their conference calling needs.

Although I know of no one who decries the decrease in amount of time they have to spend on the road due to the convenience and cost-effectiveness of teleconferences, I do hear people bemoaning the loss of all those frequent flyer miles they used to be able to use to upgrade to first class or to get free tickets for other employees or family members.

AccuConference is one company that is doing something about this issue. When you use AccuConference as your conference calling service provider, you can receive American Airlines Miles that match mile for dollar what you spend.

So when you decide to teleconference, as opposed to jumping on an airplane, grabbing a taxi or rental car, staying in a hotel, having your meeting and then getting back home, you can still build up those free travel miles without ever having to set foot on an airplane, unless you really want to do so.