Conference Calls and the Flu

If you think you can avoid work by calling your boss and complaining of a flu or cold; those days might soon be over. You won't have the opportunity to go shopping because your boss might suddenly throw together a conference call concerning a new client or perhaps to have a brainstorming session and your attendance from home is required.

You can probably remember at least a few occasions when a co-worker walked into your office, coughing and wiping his nose and looking miserable. You were terrified of acquiring the horrible germs. You tried to avoid him in a polite way but a few days later you were lying in bed feeling miserable. The sick employees can now stay home and attend meetings with their fellow employees with conference calls. You can touch the file cabinet without worrying about nasty germs.

Those who live in a heavy snow area and find no joy in the snow removal process at least have the benefit of skipping work a few days during the winter season due to hazardous road conditions. Teleconferencing will put an end to the mini break-from work. Snow and the flu are no longer excuses to avoid meetings.