Conferencing with Twitter


Let’s say we’re having one of those quick conference calls that turns into a big deal.  We’re outdialing to get others in the loop, shooting emails back and forth, instant messaging, and switching between lecture mode and open conference to get ideas while maintaining order.  That’s a lot of information flying around.

Now let’s say we setup a private Twitter account.  We’ll call it, “CompanyXconference,” and since its private, only our conference “friends” can see what’s on it.  Think of it as a virtual whiteboard that never runs out of space, and we hold the dry erase marker.

As the meeting progresses, we tweet questions- and answers – people’s ideas, what’s being talked about, and whatever else we want to record and share.  Then after the meeting, instead of sending an email of the minutes of the meeting to everyone, people can just look at their CompanyXconference friend.

Audio conferencing and Twitter don’t always have to be private.  If we’re hosting a large conference for customers and potential customers, a public Twitter board might work better.  We could tweet what part of the agenda we’re on and what’s coming next.  Any websites we want attendees to check out can be linked in a tweet.  And presentation materials can be distributed/downloaded with tweeted links as well.

Perhaps the best part of a conference call with customers, potential customers, and Twitter is the networking possibilities.  If you’re getting people to watch your tweets during a conference, it’s an easy step to have them “follow” you and be “followed.”  And once they’re following you, they’ll see your updates and announcements, and you can keep in touch with them; formally or informally.

These are just a few ideas, how have you used Twitter with your business?  Leave a comment and tell us all about it!