Cooking and Conferencing

Something really cool happened last night.

Gordon Ramsey taught me how to make pasta with shrimp and red chilies, steak Diane, and tiramisu on Cooking with Gordon Ramsey. While I didn't cook live with him families and celebrities from all over the country did. There was this big video screen on the stage where different pairs of cooks took to their own kitchens while Gordon Ramsey taught them how to safely flambe mushrooms. The best part?

Being taught how to cook by arguably one of the best chefs in the world was completely free.

It's quite a feat considering that the price of a three course meal at Gordon Ramsey's New York restaurant is $65.00 a person and the cost of a 12 hour gourmet cooking class can cost up to one thousand dollars. For the average American, gourmet cooking is at the bottom of our list of things to do but I think Gordon is on to something here. He cooked a three course meal in under an hour and showed me how to do it through the TV and video conference.

While I can already taste the tiramisu, I can't help but think of what Gordon might have done. Video conferencing is growing in popularity all over the world and he just used it to provide a service free of charge that can cost a pretty penny. Has Gordon opened a door into what could come down the road?

Imagine integrating chat into it, where Gordon's Hell's Kitchen winners are in front of laptops fielding your questions while he shows the TV audience how to cook. Imagine Gordon taking your question. It makes you a part of it even though you've never been to cooking school.

Where else can video conferencing be applied to provide an expensive service or class for free?