Cool App of the Week: Lyric Search

One of my favorite commercials is of the guy who’s in the car with his lady and he’s singing the wrong lyrics to Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard.  While I’m sure that the guys in Def Leppard like a good case of Ramen Noodles (who doesn’t?) I would doubt they are singing homage to the noodle dish. What I love about this commercial is that we have all been singing the wrong words at some point – at the top of our lungs and with the biggest smiles on our faces.

In the commercial the woman called him on it and then called a library.  I found an app in the iTunes app store that will do an internet search for lyrics to whatever song you are listening to at the time.  I’ve tested it with both songs I’ve purchased from iTunes and things that I have gotten from other music outlets and it seems to work pretty well.

You can search for a song that is playing or on pause.  Just go to your home screen and tap the Lyric Search icon. Basically what it does is perform a Google search and send you back links for the different pages that will have the right lyrics. Then you just click on the one that has the information you think is right and you can find out if you’re right, or if your passenger is. If they are, tell them they are walking if they give you a hard time. You have the keys, and that means you have the power.

It’s free, pretty cool, and I’m sure at some point, I’ll use it to prove to my husband he’s wrong.

Any applications you think are worth my time to test out or play around with? I am welcome to suggestions.