Did You Thank Your Agent Today?

Did you have to call a customer service or technical support agent today? 

Did you thank them?

It seems like such a strange question but have you ever thought about it before? They really try to answer what question you might be having or what issue could be occurring. When you hang up the phone with them and they have solved your issue or answered your questions, thank them and tell them why.

I was thanked today by a client that I barely spent three minutes on the phone with. Their question was easy and they were in a hurry, and he was off the phone in a couple of minutes. When he hung up, he said, "Thanks, you were a big help." It's so small, but it's made me smile all day.

Sometimes the nicest thing can go a long way and just letting someone know that they are doing their job well can brighten their day. Think about that little surge in your chest when a client or a manager pulls you to the side and tells you what a stellar job you did closing the deal or that your presentation was great. You can ride on that for days. Customer/Tech support agents are no different and we like to hear that too.

Don't be afraid to ask for someone's supervisor to say something nice.  In our office, when that happens, it gets emailed out and passed around for everyone to see so that we can all get that little boost. Since most jobs are team efforts, we share our excitement and good comments with the whole office.

A little bit of kindness goes a long way so telling the person who helped you today, "Thanks a lot, you were a big help" can be the thing that makes them smile and put a little extra pep in their step.