Embassy Suites Hotels Travel Survey

Business travelers are taking to the skies again, but doing so with an emphasis on frugality.

According to a survey of 700 business travelers by Embassy Suites Hotels, only 43 percent of working Americans said they were traveling less for business travel this year because of the economy. In 2009 that number was 51 percent.

However, 71 percent of those surveyed said their business habits were changing. These travelers would now be flying coach, cutting back on meals and even sharing rooms with colleagues to save money.

Business professionals indicated that the distance from their hotel to business meetings is their priority in booking hotel rooms (29 percent) with the cost of accommodations coming in close second (27 percent).

The survey also indicated that younger travelers have been more likely to use social media to search for deals as a means to cut costs. Forty-eight percent of business professionals between the ages of 21- and 34 said they consult Facebook prior to making travel decisions. Also, 50 percent of those surveyed within the same age group bring smart phones on their trips.

Though the recession is not yet over, business travelers seem to be clawing out of the slippery pit, and airline revenues for the first time since 2007 are projected to leap.

US Airways reported that corporate revenues for the airline have rebounded; however, they are nowhere near pre-recession levels.

Delta Airlines also reported a 63 percent spike in corporate travel sales over the past year.