Entry Tones: Make ‘em laugh

As mentioned here in a previous blog, AccuConference provides Entry tones. This is a notification feature that announces when a new person has arrived on the call. This notification is a two-toned “bleep,” which sounds a lot like a retro video game.

Did you know that you can personalize your entry tones? Every time a participant calls in, they are prompted to record their name. This name recording is then played into the conference call instead of the “bleep” sound.

So why not have some fun with this feature!? Next time the system prompts you to record, try playing a sound-bite from your computer. Perhaps you could play a trumpet processional for added pomp and circumstance; or record yourself saying ” Leeeets get rrrready to rrrrumble” and play the Eye of the Tiger Rocky Theme song.

A little office humor never hurt anyone… so go-ahead and make’em laugh.