Evo From an iPhone User

This morning the boss men ran out to Sprint and picked up the new HTC EVO. I gave them a couple of hours to use it, before I started to pester them for information.  I also opened my Twitter account up for questions and received one from @brandingme that I’ll go ahead and answer and then I’ll highlight some of the differences.

@brandingme asked: “do you have iphone users who are testing out the htc evo’s? if so, what do they think?”. Yes, both of the boss men have had the iPhone since the 3G first launched and today is the first day with a new device since. So far, the feedback on a transition from one to the other is that if you like to “tinker” with a device the transition would be easy.  Those who do not consider themselves to be “tech-savvy” might find the transition difficult.

There is a kickstand. I have to point this out first, because it made my day. There is a kickstand on the EVO. That is awesome and needs to be specially pointed out. Here are some of the highlights that were mentioned:
• Email is a little smoother layout. Instead of having to use the “back” feature over and over again, all of your inboxes are in the same menu; you just select the one you need from the dropdown menu.
• Music menus are essentially the same on the EVO as the iPhone, but the thing I really like is when you do a “search” for a band, it automatically pops up the keyboard.  I’ve never liked the search feature on the iPhone and tend to use the shuffle feature more than anything; those tiny letters on the side of the screen were hard to navigate so I like the auto pop-up of the keyboard, rather than the scrolling feature.
• The keyboard on the EVO is an improvement over the iPhone keyboard.
• The camera has flash, which is an improvement, but we’re still in debate over if the quality is better. I think it is, but we still haven’t come to a full determination if the quality is better, but again, it has flash, so win.

There’s a quick run down of the HTC EVO as compared to the iPhone – bottom line, tech savvy people will find it to be an easy transition, but if you don’t consider yourself to be a tech person, you might consider sticking with your iPhone for now.  Let me know if you have any other questions about the EVO. Have an EVO? What do you think?