Facebooking beats Googling as Internet Pastime

A recent ComScore study has found that Facebook has surpassed Google as the place to be.

While Google gets the most overall hits, the users do not spend as much time on Google sites (YouTube and Google News included) users are navigating to and spending their time on Facebook.

Since social media is a growing trend in the way we communicate with friends, family, and even our customers, Facebook has found a way to not only get users to their website, but to make them want to stay.  With the addition of Facebook Places in August, Facebook users can check into locations, feed their status updates to Twitter, and instant message other Facebook friends. Regardless of your opinions on Facebook privacy practices, they have put everything into one place.

Facebook has the numbers to prove it.  In August alone, Facebook reported 41.1 million minutes of logged in user activity and the closet competitor is Google, who captured 9.6% of total time.

For businesses and companies who have been considering using Facebook to connect, it means that your customers are on Facebook, and parking there for a while. I’m curious to see if the Google number will be lower next month due to the release of instant search, which was, as Google stated, to shorten the length of time it took for you to get where you want to be. Since, apparently, users want to be on Facebook, I wonder how Google will feel about that.