Family Conference

I taught my Dad how to video conference last night. It may have been the single most amusing experience of my entire life, and with my dad I’ve had quite a few funny moments. If anyone asked me where my sense of humor came from, I wouldn’t hesitate to answer that it was him. With my dad travelling for his job, we don’t get to see each other that much (right now, we haven’t seen each other since before Christmas) so last night, he had some down time, so I decided to take him into the new technological age.

Since I miss my dad I figured this would be a good experience for us both. He hooks up to the internet, we turn on our cameras, and we see and talk to each other. Easy enough? Not so much. For being a pretty technologically savvy guy my dad could not grasp the concept of “click here – turn on webcam”. This is a man who used to sit me on his knee and show me the ins and outs of MS-DOS.
After about thirty minutes of trying to explain to him what to do, tell him I hadn’t turned on my camera yet and that’s why he couldn’t see me, I finally I got him straightened out. I was able to see my dad, something I haven’t done in nearly two months. It was welcome, even if it was just a video of him.

There are many times when we hold to something’s “intended” use. Video and web conferencing were originally designed to help ease the strain of business that operated around the world. We forget that sometimes, with new technologies we can make our lives easier as a whole.

What other business practices can we incorporate into our everyday lives that might make things a little easier?