Fighting Mother Nature



It’s been an active winter across the US, we even had a white Christmas here in DFW, something that hasn’t happened in about 20 years. Last week, the Northeast was struck with what has been dubbed “Snowmageddon” and they are slated to get another round of heavy snow this week. Snow has a nasty habit of crippling travel, business, and even education as airline travel stalls and classes get cancelled. Today, widespread air travel delays and cancellations are already striking airports from Washington DC to Philadelphia, which will only serve to ripple across the US.
Weeks like this make it important to have some sort of backup plan in place and a conference call is the perfect fit for trying to keep your business moving, even when cars and jets cannot. Instead of having to cancel a meeting that many people probably cleared their schedule for, you can apologize for inclement weather and send them conferencing information instead.
As an educator, you can still invite your students to their lectures and classes, so as not to fall behind, via conferencing. Since a lot of professors include PowerPoint presentations in their lectures, you can include a link to share that over the web.  This way classes still continue as planned, as well as business.
Mother Nature loves to play tricks on us all, the question is, are you prepared for her to bring it on?