Flash for the iPhone, Finally

Here’s a News Flash for you: for those who’ve always wanted to run Adobe Flash on their iPhones, a new program, called Frash, that works on jailbroken phones will do it for you, though maybe not as quickly as you’d like.

Jailbreakme developer, Comex, the same dev who unveiled a jailbreaking app last week, came up with the hack, which finally defies Apple’s long standing aversion to the product.

Users with jailbroken phones can employ Comex’s tools to install the Frash software, which is a port of the Flash runtime environment for Google Android.

Of course, we gave it a shot as soon as we heard. We found the hack successful, but it took a while to load up the Flash content. What’s more is the page got pretty sluggish. It may be wise to wait a little while for the next, updated version to come out from Comex. We’ll just have to see.