Get Pushy

So this is my desk.

Yes it’s a different desk than around Christmas time. I had enough of that tiny little corner and I like being out in the office. The drawback of my new desk is that it’s a glass top, so every time I turn around there is another smear smudge. For most people, this is no big deal; but for me it might as well be a punch in the face.

Today I decided to do a test. I spilled something on my desk that smeared when I wiped it up. I am now going on thirty minutes of this big nasty smudge staring at me. If I’m completely honest with myself I will admit that it is driving me a bit insane. I was going to clean it up right away, but as a self proclaimed clean freak, I decided to test myself.

How long can I allow this smudge to sit here, unanswered? I am completely out of my comfort zone and I keep staring at it like it has eyes and we could have a stare off contest. The point of this is that I’m breaking my boundaries, getting out of my comfort zone and learning how much I really can take.

Maybe I don’t need the desk as clean as I thought. So far, it’s going on two hours and I haven’t had an anxiety attack yet. If I hadn’t pushed myself, I never would have known.

Will you push yourself today?