Getting More People To Attend Your Conference Call

How to get the word out about your conference call? Bummed by the low attendance at your last one or two or ten? Read on.

Make sure the conference call is well publicized.
If it’s for a specific team, you’ll need to make sure the time is a suitable hour for everyone to attend. If it’s an open invitation conference call, you’ll need to make sure that a large number of people are even aware you’re hosting a call. Sending out email reminders is one very good way to do this, announcements on Twitter is another, even announcing the call on Facebook or LinkedIn has worked for our clients.

Send out a couple more reminders as the event approaches.
Try a week before and then the day before or the day of if you’re using email. Facebook reminds users with its sidebar scheduler, and you can also send out Facebook email if attendees have agreed to join a group or become a fan (all that Facebook lingo!). Make sure the date and time are clear and include a subject. What is your conference call about? Discussing budgets? Agreeing on a design? Advising entrepreneurs on marketing themselves better? A clear subject will get more people.

Use incentives to attract listeners and then wow them with content.
I can’t tell you how many times someone comes up with an incentive (win a 100 dollars!) and then drones on and on about stale marketing ideas for entrepreneurs. Or someone raffles off a dinner for two and then won’t entertain any ideas on a new design for the logo. Or someone promises the budget meeting will be worth the time to attend and then doesn’t even show up or sends a lackey to do the job for him. Match the content to the incentive and you’ll light up those phone lines.

The point of a conference call is to interact with others. If you’re worried no one will show up on your call, invite a few associates or coworkers to join you. Simply having someone guaranteed to be there will help you plan for a better conference. If you find that your team skips the weekly conference in favor of making more client calls, you’ve got to find some way to convince them that the twenty minutes spent together as a team will help to retain and attract more clients, and that’s the hard part. Spending some time brainstorming how to get everyone on the calls is a worthy task for you to-do list.