Good Video Conferencing Etiquette – Putting Your Best Face Forward

Unlike a teleconference, a video conference let’s people see you or you and your team sitting across a table from them and interact almost as naturally as you do in a face-to-face meeting. Just as in the world of teleconferencing, organization and planning is the backbone of a successful videoconference. Because of technical issues, there are also rules of etiquette similar in nature to those in conference calling, but different because of the added visual element in the video environment.

In addition to issues like wearing the appropriate clothes and accessories that we talked about in a previous blog which was related to video job interviewing, there are a number of other things that are particular to the videoconferencing environment. Abiding by these guidelines will make your video conference work as you hope it will.

  1. As for conference calling, make sure you have an agenda for the meeting, distribute it to the participants in advance, and then stick to it.
  2. Be sure to get to the video suite early and check all the equipment to make sure it is working well and that you know how to make it work of have technical help at hand to do so. What ever you do, don’t be late.
  3. Your camera settings should focus as much as possible on the people in the room and minimize showing a large expanse of table or wall. At all cost avoid having ceiling lights included in the view.
  4. Clothes with simple styling in muted colors help the camera stay focused and don’t distract your audience from your face, which is what you hope they will be watching.