Guest Post by Chris Garrett – 10 Ways Webinars Can Boost Your Business, Starting Today

Chris Garrett

Your business can benefit from teleseminars and webinars much more than merely holding your standard conference call meeting. Due to my lack of vocal confidence I resisted doing much of this kind of thing for a while, until I finally took the plunge. Now I regret holding off for as long as I did because my income and audience have vastly improved each time I have tried one of the many kinds of teleseminar or webinar I list below.

Check them out and see how they could fit into your business …

1. List-Building Webinar

The first positive impact you can see from holding a webinar is email list opt-ins. This alone could be all the reason you need for putting one on. Even better, these are good leads – people who really want to hear from you. They are people who have taken an action and cleared their schedule for an hour. Much better prospects than someone who is only kinda-sorta interested in reading what you have to say.

2. Masterminds and Brainstorms

They say two heads are better than one, but what about 5 or 10 heads? 
I know many folks who have regular, formal masterminds and get a huge amount of value out of them. I on the other hand have a few people I get together with on an adhoc basis, but still find the experience indispensable.

3. Regular Call/Radio Show/Podcast

Sometimes all it takes is for your customers to get to know your voice in order for them to warm to you. This can be achieved by running a regular call, radio show or podcast. Put it on a specific and regular time slot so people can tune in each time, and that will grow familiarity, personal connection and trust.

4. One-off Buzz-Building Event

Rather than a regular time slot, what about a one-off? Events are a perfect way to build excitement, word of mouth, buzz and anticipation.  You can use the event for publicity, links, traffic, and to gain attention for a message, or product launch.

5. Authority Building Interview Series

Borrow credibility, expertise and authority from thought-leaders in your market. Interview personalities and get vital nuggets of wisdom to share with your prospects and customers.

6. Paid Membership Club

If you have access to lots of experts with great information to share, turn it into a revenue opportunity by charging for access and sharing the proceeds with your interviewees.

7. Online Audio Course

Put your own expertise into a curriculum and sell it as a course. You might think that this will eat into your product sales, consulting service or divert attention away from your core business, but in fact everyone I have spoken to who has done this has found the reverse, more people buy their consulting, products and find it a much easier sell because their prospects KNOW the company is the right one to help with their problem.

8. Q&A

Instead of answering the same questions over and over on email or one to one, put together a question and answers call. This will overcome sales objections, help customers with tricky challenges, and demonstrate your commitment to customer service.

9. Product Preview/Overview/Demonstration

Sometimes customers do not know what they do not know. Demonstrating a product can both educate in the use of the product and explain the benefits, but also serves as “proof” when the prospect can see the before and after with their own eyes. It does not have to be live or video, just a logical sequence of slides explained well can work just as effectively.

10. Digital Product

Finally, when you have all of these calls or webinars recorded, why not add a transcript and sell or giveaway the recording and booklet? 
You might use them as ethical bribes, or offer them for sale at a profit. This can be a quick and easy way to create information products so is well worth considering.



Think beyond conference calls and look at all the other ways you can benefit from webinars and telephone seminars. Are there any ideas that I have missed? What has worked for you in the past? Are you thinking of giving any of these ideas a try? Please share your thoughts in the comments …

Chris Garrett is an internet marketing consultant and business blogger living in the UK. You can find him at his own blog, and he also writes for

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