Headphone Recommendations from a Music Addict

If you walk by my desk at any given hour of the day, you’ll find me rocking out to whatever music the shuffle served up to me. I focus so much better when I have a good song blaring in my ears, but I have to have a very specific kind of headphones. My ears are very small and things made like the standard Apple headphones simply won’t fit in my ears. I’ve tried a lot of different brands and designs to find the best fit for my teeny ears. Here are my top three recommendations when it comes to in-ear headphones.

  1. JVC Marshmallows – For a very affordable price, the Marshmallow is a great pair of ear buds. The sound quality is pretty good, though as they start getting towards the end of their life, you really have to struggle to get a louder sound. The biggest drawback of these headphones is that the foam is designed to get softer with heat and form to the shape of your ear. To me, they just end up feeling hard in my ear canals after wearing them for too long.
  2. iFrogz – If you’re looking for something slim and cheap, the iFrogz are the way to go. I picked up a pair for about ten dollars and they have worked out pretty well. I really like that the “stem” lays flat against my ear, so they don’t fall out as much. The design on these was really ingenious. The drawback with these is that they have a really short lifespan. I only had a pair for about two weeks before I lost the left ear.
  3. SkullCandy — I have been using SkullCandy steadily for about four years now. These headphones have the best sound quality and great durability. A pair of their in-ear headphones last me for about three – six months, and I carry my headphones everywhere. I have dropped them into water on accident and dried them off and they still worked for another couple of months. If I could change anything about them, I would want a design that’s just a little slimmer. My ears are really small and sometimes, even with the smallest size, they feel too tight.

Of these three, I would have to recommend the Skullcandy, simply because of their long life. My headphones go with me everywhere (I can’t grocery shop without them) and they always seem to be the ones that can put up with a user’s abuse the best. While they are more expensive than the other two listed, they are definitely the best. What’s your favorite headphone?

(Disclaimer: While Skullcandy is a client of AccuConference’s – we’re receiving no compensation for writing this post. I was using Skullcandy well before I joined the AccuConference team and will always be a big fan.)