Help Goes A Long Way

We all love to multitask. We do it in the office, at home, and even when we shouldn’t (like checking emails in the car). While multitasking can be such an important part of success and getting things done, there are some situations where it’s completely okay to ask for help. One of those perfectly acceptable times is when you’re hosting a conference.

It may seem unnecessary to have a helper on a conference, since you will be the one who is speaking on the conference, and feel like you should be the one who is checking out the details. This isn’t entirely true.  While you may feel more comfortable controlling everything yourself, putting someone else in charge is going to free your mind while presenting.  Speaking in front of a large group of people is stressful enough, without all the other things to worry about.

Who has a question? What’s that noise? How does my line sound? Am I on the right slide?

Sit back, take a load off yourself, and give someone else the moderator controls. Let someone step in and worry about whose line needs to be muted, take attendance, all that stuff that you are usually trying to do while the conference is going on.  Don’t be distracted from the task at hand. Focus on what you have to say, and let someone else drive the conference with all the mundane details.

Do you get someone to help you with your web conferencing or do you like handling all of that yourself?