How NOT to Integrate Webinars into Your Business

You’ve read the News, the websites – this blog – done the research, and run the numbers. The final conclusion shows that webinars really can help out your company, and save it time and money. All you have to do now is integrate webinars into your business.

For some, it can be as easy as distributing conference codes and numbers, and announcing, “This is how we are going to do things from now on.” For many businesses, it won’t be that easy. There could be resistance from your workers or management. People might not be motivated enough for change, or may not realize – or care about – the benefits.

When introducing innovation into a company, there are many pitfalls and potential derailments that you can come across. The blog, The Heart of Innovation, has 56 reasons why innovation fails. Hopefully, you won’t run across any of them when integrating webinars into your business. Just to be sure, let’s take a look at a few of the big ones.

If you cut off the head, the body will die. Likewise, if senior management isn’t behind webinars, then most likely the employees will follow suit. They may give you the green light, but if they don’t change like everyone else, your innovation will become a flash-in-the-pan idea.

Sometimes, easing into a change can be more detrimental than the one-time growing pains that accompany a full switch-over. For example, if given the chance to decide how to do things, most employees will stick with what they understand, or are comfortable with. If you want to use webinars to record all of your sales calls, but only half of your sales staff is on board, then there will be confusion when it’s time to “review the tapes.”

Finally, without proper training and orientation, you won’t get the results you expected. People will get frustrated with what they perceive to be endless changes, parts of your business will be doing it one way — completely different from how other parts are doing it — and what could have been a time and money saver becomes a headache.

Webinars, like innovation, can be excellent for your company. With a little due-diligence and time invested at the beginning, you can avoid pitfalls that turn a good thing bad.

Posted by George Page, Communication Specialist